Clubbing in Madrid where, when and how?

Clubbing in Madrid where, when and how?
May 18, 2017 Raymon van Dijk

Madrid can you top off Barcelona?

I really don’t know if I can say yes to that question. Madrid is definitely a city worth to visit for 3-4 days. I went for three long days to Madrid and went on a journey for you to see if Madrid offers high fashion, do people wear fashion/have style and where to go out not looking like a total styled freak because doesn’t get it.


Teatro Kapital

  • Dresscode: Put effort in your outfit, a shirt/good looking jeans and sneakers.
  • VIP: 130 euros(5 persons good spot,1 bottle) – 200 euros (3 persons, 1 bottle best spot)
  • REGULAR: 7 euro beer – 14 euro vodka red bull
  • How to get in: Don’t worry, the club is big enough only behave normal in front of the door, there is a lot of security checking you out.
  • Opinion: Good club, live music acts, dancers and all. Only people did not go out to impress, just to get drunk( or even get drunk before they get in ). But in total I would give it an 8.3
  • FASHION: Some, but do not go out on your new sneakers its not worth it.

Club Joy Eslava

  • Dresscode: Chic, not suited up but if you want to it would not look weird
  • VIP: 180 euros for a bottle
  • REGULAR: Beer 10 euros – 17 euro vodka red bull
  • How to get in: Look good, not to many guys and if possible bring girls with you
  • Opinion: Luxury club with a good vibe. I really liked it.
  • FASHION: The guys and girls that come here put effort and time in there outfit and want to look good in general.


Choices? Plenty! On every corner of the street you can find bars, night stores and restaurants but if you want something to tell your friends and family about you better go to the next. The Roof ME Madrid is for me one of the best rooftop bars in Madrid. The bar is located in the middle of Madrid and you have to go to the seventh floor by elevator.  Once you ordered your cocktail, you can just enjoy the view and the hot weather ( do not go in the winter peeps ). Expect a high priced cocktail menu, the side drinks are also quite expensive. Oh and a tip: well dressed people are very appreciated here. Then you have another rooftop bar called La Terraza del Urban and this one is located on top of the Urban hotel. The bar looks so good and they really deserve their five stars. Prices are normal, you can order a gin tonic from 11 until 19 euros and a cocktail starts at 9,5. I would absolutely recommend this bar and if you do not wanna spend that much money on drinks, just have two and go for the view, the atmosphere and the music. Besides that there are a lot of other different bars you can visit but if you want to see a bit more fashion orientated people, take a good instagram pic or just wanna get drunk in a beautiful place you have to visit these two.


  1. El corte ingles, just because there are so many and have so much different kind of clothing.
  2. Stussy store, probably one of the only real streetwear stores in Madrid.
  3. Gucci store, its huge and looks so good from the inside.

Besides the stussy store I couldn’t find the real deal for exclusive streetwear so a bit disappointing but if you go there then make sure you are fine with the common stores like zara, h&m and berska. If you are looking for Gucci and Louis Vuitton kinda brands, Madrid will fulfil all your wishes.


 Now I will show you the posed pics and real deal:

madrid blog pic 6

Location: Magasand, good spot to get the best bagel in town, it will cure your hangover! 

madrid blog pic 1

Keeping my Spanish up to date 

madrid blog pic 5

random fashion shot – outfit? go to IG: tipmegold

madrid blog pic 2

Last day enjoying the sun, if you take your picture here let the photographer put the camera almost on the ground and you all up in the air! 


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