Abandon youth
January 28, 2017 Raymon van Dijk








My first!

The first blog post of me and I am quit exited and nervous at the same time. Why? because I know how to write in English, but I don’t know how to write flawless English like most of the international bloggers. None the less this first post is going to be one of many and the more I write the more I learn ( that sounds very grown up ).

As you can see on the pictures above I am now in a building that has been visited by many other people before me. The graffiti and plants make it look so nice and ‘abandon’, so the fence before the building couldn’t kept me out. I actually tried for 20 minutes to find an entrance and couldn’t find it. I tried to climb over the fence but I had to bring also all my clothing and camera equipment.. not the best idea.. So I looked further and off course we found the easiest entrance, on the whole other side of the building you could just walk in. Shame! The day we shoot these pictures it was so cold and there were more outfit to shoot,as you can see on my instagram. These made it to the blog.

Why this outfit? I’ll tell you. My dad has got a lot of hugo boss trousers that I like to wear at the moment and mix with some new stuff that I bought. Its winter and I want to show you guys that you can still wear something else than a hoodie and a puffer coat(I do like them). The turtleneck I am wearing I bought online at asos.com, the shoes are from diesel black gold AW16, the trousers are like I says my dads.

When I chose this fit I was really thinking of the belt and white shirt trend. Asap rocky really inspired me on this one, because he is wearing that a lot lately. Also one of the reasons I bought the ALYX roller coaster belt. The belt I wear so much people I think people get bored of it :|. Besides that I made it my own because of the boots I wear and the turtleneck I chose instead of a plain white or black tee. This could also be a great outfit to go to a club, I only would leave the glasses at home and change my shoes into low top vans or something like that.

This is it for now, hope y’all like to follow the journey and from right now I am posting on monday, wednesday and friday. Just leave a comment, tip of anything else behind after this first post and just keep following me on insta, twitter and tipmegold.

I will finish this with a quote I really like: If not us, who? If not now, when?


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